I want to change my windows, what should I pay attention to?

In addition to the aesthetics of the window, the functionality and insulating properties of the window should be taken into consideration. A window that provides good insulation is an investment element that enables you to gain as well as visuality. You can also apply wood-looking windows to your home interior or to the exterior aesthetics of your building. The wood appearance can only be applied to a desired surface and can be applied to the double surface. Depending on the location, location and height of your building, the use of appropriate auxiliary materials by having a static account in your window will eliminate the subsequent problems of heat, sound and water insulation.

What should I look for when choosing a profile series?

When selecting a profile series, the height of the profile and the number of chambers are the most important factors affecting the insulation values. As the height and the number of chambers increase, the insulation values increase.

What should I look for when choosing a glass?

Glass is one of the most important elements of a window. Because the most important element affecting the good or bad heat insulation value of the window is glass. Firstly, if your window separates the external environment from the interior (ie not used in the in-room spaces), it must be double-glazed. Each double glazing does not have the same thermal insulation value. 4 - 12 - 4 mm and 4 - 16 - 4 mm in the size of the classic double-glazing are the most used glass. These measures mean respectively; 1. thickness of the glass - the thickness of the intermediate space - 2. thickness of the glass. Thanks to the heat control glasses used in double glazing units, it is possible to provide higher insulation values. Today, the use of triple glazing for windows with higher thermal insulation has started to become widespread. The insulation value of Argon gas filled glasses is the best in Europe.

What is the warranty period on PVC Window?

Another point to consider when buying a PVC Window is the guarantee period. The warranty period on the windows is at least 2 years. Please make a contract with your dealer in order to be valid and ask for your warranty.

Is PVC window harmful to human health?

PVC window is a human and environmental friendly building element. After installation, no gas is released. Since it does not have chemicals such as paint and varnish on the surface, it is human health friendly. Nowadays, if you think that many household items, children's toys and even blood bags are made of PVC, PVC is a material that is totally natural and human health friendly.

What should I use and care when cleaning my PVC Window?

PVC Liquid detergents can be used when cleaning your windows. We recommend cleaning your windows with a white cloth without touching the gaskets. Never use bleach, salt spirit, powder detergent style cleaners. These will cause your PVC window to be scratched and discolored. In case of maintenance, you will need to lubricate your accessories every six months with fine machine oil and moving parts.